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Organizational Effectiveness

Integrated Growth partners with companies to

    Lead, grow and succeed

IGI partners closely with you in reaching your strategic objectives through your people. The key to any business success is in the hands of the people driving that success. It has been proven that organizations that have a sound business plan along with an engaged workforce where employees feel a level of ownership and pride in what they do experience greater success.

What IGI's clients say:

"As a mid-sized company with a small internal development team, our partnership with IGI allows us to tap into a network of facilitators and consultants who specialize in their fields; driving faster delivery time and exceptional synergy. I trust IGI as an integral part of my team and know that together our collaboration creates stronger learning solutions that achieve results."

OD Manager, Denver Based Financial Services Company


IGI takes an appreciative approach to analyze your companyAt IGI we take an appreciative approach to analyzing the inner workings of your company – you’ve worked hard to create a first-class company and we will partner with you to make it even better. Our approach is to first look at what’s working in your organization, then look at ways to maximize performance, generate even stronger leadership, and improve processes to get you where you want to go. Using both conventional and non-conventional methods IGI works on three essential levels of the organization to realize desired success - individual, team and business. When exploring problem areas we consider the three levels of the business to identify the root causes of the issues and address them at their core.

IGI works on three levels of the organization to ensure true integration.


Employee Performance = Business Performance = Bottom Line Results