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Our Approach

Everything we do is customized to our clients' unique needs. You will not find us "throwing training at it," or "coaching to a dependency." We partner with you to identify the true needs of your organization, teams, and individuals and then apply the appropriate delivery method to reach your desired results. We provide consulting, training and coaching on a project-by-project basis or an on-going partner relationship.


Specialized consultant teams are formed from our diverse experts and deployed according to the your needs. We work from a results-oriented plan that plays to your organization’s strengths, while bolstering any weak areas to get you where you want to go.

The tools used in our consulting practice may include:

  • organizational scans,
  • employee surveys,
  • focus groups,
  • interviews,
  • observations,
  • team interventions,
  • process improvements, and
  • organizational communications.

What IGI's clients say:

IGI has been great. I’ve presented my high level plan/expectations and IGI has listened, planned, communicated and delivered a comprehensive program. Offering several resources (Gretchen, Tara, Toria, Wendy, etc.) has been great because each has a different style and perspective. The materials have been great and the follow-up has been outstanding from everyone.

VP, Corporate Services Group - Denver Based Financial Services Company


IGI Traing strategiesIt’s not surprising to find that, in organizations both large and small, many employees perform below their capabilities due to a lack of formal training that encourage them to grow both personally and professionally.

In addition to providing a wide variety of customized training programs to address specific organizational needs, IGI also offers a number of pre-packaged programs that can be integrated into an overall organizational effectiveness effort or utilized as part of an ongoing company training program.

Most of the topics listed throughout this website are designed as pre-packaged training programs and are also customizable. Please inquire.

See our news section on the home page for information about a comprehensive leadership program.


It is IGI’s mission to release the greatness within each person we coach, first clarifying the end result and then moving towards it.
At IGI we believe that everyone is a leader regardless of title and can benefit from one-on-one coaching. Our coaching methods are the same regardless if we're working with senior leadership, middle management, or individual contributors. We coach the individual toward their personal purpose and peak performance.
Using proven coaching techniques and following proven coaching processes, we personalize our approach with each client to go where the individual needs to go for their greatest benefit and the benefit of the organization.

Coaching is available session by session or through a coaching plan lasting 1-6 months depending on the needs of the individual client.

Client Partnerships

In many cases, smaller to mid-sized companies do not have the resources internally to address many management and employee development issues, thus IGI is the partnered solution. Partnering or outsourcing makes it both cost effective and resource effective to provide management and employee development solutions in the workplace. Depending on the needs of the client IGI provides Project-Based Partnerships, Retainer Partnerships or Full Outsourced Partnerships.

Project-Based Partnerships

Integrated Growth can work with you on specific projects as the needs arise. Project-Based Partnerships involve the client identifying specific needs in their organization such as training, individual coaching, systems development, or process improvement. IGI contracts for specific results within an agreed upon timeline.

Retainer Partnerships

Retainer Partnerships usually involve the client having some resources internally and a need for additional resources for scalability. Together we define the role and the monthly retainer to cover the IGI contribution.

Full Outsourced Partnerships

The Full Outsourced Partnerships are those where IGI is the complete solution to management and employee development. IGI essentially functions as the management development or training departments for the client.