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From a Fortune 500 company struggling with organizational effectiveness to a start up needing entrepreneurial support or an individual in career transition, Integrated Growth, Inc. supports leaders as they tap into their inner wisdom to lead themselves, their teams, and their businesses to great success.

Our Organizational Effectiveness services utilize proven consulting, training, and coaching techniques to assist company leaders in achieving their personal and business goals through a comprehensive process of integrating all levels of the organization - Individual, Team, and Business.

Our Entrepreneurial Services assist small business owners in creating a business plan, setting specific goals, and supporting them through business development and sustainability. We focus on creating the desired work/life balance and positive thought processes to bring about whole life success.

Our Career Coaching assists individuals in reaching their career aspirations using proven methods of self-discovery, market research, resume writing, job search, and interview and negotiation skills. We also offer succession and career planning to corporations.

Integrated Growth, inc. partners with you combining consulting, training and coaching approaches to get you where you want to go.


Essential Leadership Program

In response to the needs of one corporate client, IGI designed a comprehensive 6 month leadership program open to Supervisors, Managers, and Directors. The program was implemented in February 2005 and is offered two times per year. The third Series is currently in session. The program is delivered in four parts:

  • pre-work
  • course-work
  • practicum
  • post-work

Pre-work includes leadership assessments and 360 degree feedback surveys followed by one-on-one coaching to discover individual leadership styles and clarify development goals.
Course-work follows with a three day intensive and five weekly sessions including topics such as

  • The Inner Leader
  • Driving Individual and Team Performance
  • Manager as Coach
  • Delegation
  • Leading Through Team Tension and Conflict
  • The Art and Science of Process Improvement

Practicums follow the course-work. Participants have 6 weeks to apply the skills learned throughout the program and make a measurable impact on their team and the company. All participants present their practicum results to their class with hopes of being a practicum winner and having the opportunity to present to and be recognized by the Executive Committee.
Post-work follows with a re-run of the 360 degree feedback surveys and one-on-one coaching to measure personal and professional growth.
To learn more and inquire about having a similar program implemented at your business, please contact us at info@integratedgrowth.com or