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Career Coaching

career development coachng is about helping you to actualize your dreams!

Gretchen Reid helping with career decisionsTogether we will clarify where you're going and ensure you are equipped with the right tools to get you there.

Have you been wondering what your calling is or do you simply need a polished resume to get you through the door? Our services are highly customizable depending on your needs.

IGI utilizes a proven system that includes such things as self-discovery, identifying options, conducting market research, marketing yourself, and selling yourself. All of this will lead you toward landing the job of your dreams and earning what you're worth.

Through this process you will discover the true YOU and honor that person by aligning what you do well with what brings purpose and joy to your life.


What IGI's clients say:

Ever since I started working with Gretchen I have learned so much about myself. She has been wonderful and one of the greatest people I could have ever met. This has been one of the best steps I have taken toward my goals. I really wanted help in re-engaging my current job but also focusing on future career goals. I am so thankful that you recommended her. I don't even know how to thank you or what to say. I wish everyone had the opportunity to work with her. Thank you very much!

Veronica Fucci – Career Client